Friday, October 20, 2006

victory over counter-intuitive anxiety. for now.

so blogger is wonky today, which means a short post from me. that way i won't cry if blogger eats it.

i have, as of 11:15 this morning, a job. one specific one, not three possible ones (oh, i got another offer thursday afternoon! what? three?? you'd think i was the donald or something over here). for the last day and a half i have been a total basket-case about it: making a decision, and salaries, and "office environments," and commuting, and holy shit oh my god if i make the wrong choice it will be apocolyptic and i will die!

untrue, of course, but really. you cannot reason with me when i get in this state. ask BoyCat, who had to endure a total kate meltdown at about 11:45 pm last night.

but hey, guess what? i accepted a job, and it's done! i am officially employed by a non-profit that i will call...hmmm, i don't know what to call it. NPL2? the new place? non-profit-that-shall-not-be-named?

i know. enviroland. there are enough environmental non-profits here, it could take a lifetime to guess the right one.

i will be doing grant writing and and development work. shocking! but i'm glad about it, because the more that i think about it, the more i feel like grant writing could be the ticket for me. it's writing that someone, somewhere always needs done.

and on that note, i'm going to stop writing here, and go eat some lunch on my final day of unemployment. and thank god for that, because i think if i had to endure one more day of cleaning product and/or fisher-price commericals, i would commit hari-kari with a bread knife.


e$ said...

congratulations!!! And also, eff blogger. this shit's been all wrong all day long.

dadcat said...

Anxiety? You wanna talk anxiety, I was beginning to fret over your abilities to support me in my retirement years.
The condo in Boca is back on track!