Thursday, September 21, 2006

nature? really? ok.

i'm not sure how this particular thematic popped up in my job hunt, but i'll take it. this morning i have two phone interviews, both with conservation-focused agencies. in two weeks, i have a face-to-face interview with another agency that deals with - guess what? - conservation. all three have different angles - one is national parks, one is overall wild/undeveloped land, and one is wildlife - but really, it's quite a coincidence.

and it's funny that a person like me is interviewing with these three agencies - i mean, i have labeled my apartment building's courtyard "overly verdant." seriously. but BoyCat made the good point that it's not that i'm against conservation per se, i just don't feel a need to go explore and/or spend time in the land that's conserved! the thorns, the stinging insects, the poisonous plants - no thanks!

but really, i'm excited to have some job stuff picking up speed on the non-profit side, whatever the missions of the agencies involved. i won't ask you all to keep your fingers crossed for two whole weeks, but this morning would be nice if you don't mind...


jayniek said...

done and done.

and i also have a splinter in my foot that i will fully dedicate to you.

DancingFish said...

Good luck! Although I am biased, as I might be getting paid for the next 8 months to do conservation work, I think you would be a great addition to these types of agencies.