Tuesday, August 01, 2006

you know what's NOT amusing?

the heat, anymore.

now i know you all are hot too and kinda sick of talking about it, but ok, seriously? our air conditioner can not handle it. i think it's a combination of that urban heat island thing and the fact that for the past four days, the humidity level has been through the fucking roof. as of 10:00 pm tonight, the heat index at midway airport was 100 degrees and the humidity level was 62%.

our ancient little wall-unit cannot compete with numbers like that. just can't. poor little guy, i can hardly blame him - i'd have given up eventually too.

ok, that's all. i just had to complain about it for a minute, to take a break from lying on the couch, sweating, and swearing at inanimate objects. (oh, the other thing i'm doing? going slightly crazy. a few minutes ago, i started laughing at a vonage ad and couldn't stop for a good three minutes. laughing like a lunatic at a phone company commerical.) i'm trying to think of a funny way to end this post, but i can't even do that.

meh. sniffle. sigh.

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