Thursday, August 10, 2006

real quick, before they take my computer away for "maintenance."

when we all know it's part of an international conspiracy to monitor my every move. i'm onto you, nonprofitland.

ok, three things that have annoyed the shit out of me already today:

1) the guy who tried to open closed subway car doors with his fingers this morning. ok, stick your foot in there if the doors are in the process of closing, that's fine. and go ahead and kick the closed doors of the train you just missed, if that makes you feel better. but wedging four fingers of one hand in between the rubber sealing on the doors as the train is starting to move? fucking moron.

2) the girl who could not, for the life of her, walk in a straight line on wells street. now, i understand a moment of slight veering here or there. but you know what? you just got off the train, there are evidently a number of people around you attempting to walk somewhere as well, and when you drift hither and yon as if you are the only person on the sidewalk, you get in my way. and i want to shove you. hard.

3) the co-worker who asked me within 30 seconds of my arrival at the office, "so, are you in a better mood today?" well, i was, until you asked me that asinine question. what the fuck, who says that? i could only manage a "well, we'll see," as i distracted myself by looking for something in my bag. i wasn't really looking for anything, just restraining myself from flinging something across the room.

grrr. argh. but i just have to get through 3 more hours, and then it's "work from home" this afternoon. i do actually have to do work, i'm on a deadline, but right now i'm pretending i get to go home, put my feet up, eat pretzels and fluff and watch lifetime movies. because really, that would be better.


dorothy rothschild said...

This sounds just like my morning! I hate those sidewalk weavers, too, by the way, particularly if they are yapping into a cellphone while doing the weaving.

Lady J said...

Oh God. As a resident of Boston, I totally sympathize with you with regards to the T and the sidewalk. My biggest issue with the sidewalk is when people (mostly tourists) make a dead stop in the middle, whip out the map and start consulting. Can you not veer off to the side, perhaps and get the F out of my way??!! Hope your day gets better.

Stacey said...

Sidewalk weavers are the bane of any city. I hate them, and the super-slow walkers & the abrupt-stoppers, more than I should. Irrationally, you might say. ;)

Sarah said...

i HATE that. i have on coworker who is always like "are we in a bad mood today?". who the F is we? STFU! which i guess answers his question.