Tuesday, August 08, 2006

not enough time or energy to do it justice.

people, i am angry. i have a whole post in my head about how angry i am about a variety of idiotic things. (a post, you say? not an epic novel? it might end up somewhere in between the two when i'm finished with it.) at the moment, however, i am working on updating and re-arranging my resume and applying to a bunch of jobs, so i can't commit to the full-on rant in my brain that is positively kicking the stalls to get out.

soon, my dears.

but until then, let me just give you one example of the stupidity that is making me mutter under my breath and laugh out loud like a crazy person. today, on my walk home from work, i approached a giant, ugly, beat-to-all-hell chevy truck parked on halsted st. the front of the truck was facing me, and the license plate was a confederate flag. i think to myself, whoa buddy, you are in chicago and parked in front of a gay bar - drive 500 or so miles south, and you should end up where you need to be. as i pass the truck, of course i have to turn around and see where this moron is from and exactly how far he or she came to look like a fish out of water.

it was an indiana license plate. indiana.

it's a wonder i don't just punch myself in the face sometimes, if only to distract myself from the rampant, flamboyant foolishness that surrounds me on a day to day basis.


educand said...

Wow. It's funny, I was so accustomed to seeing Confederate flags all over the place growing up in Georgia (it's still part of the state flag, y'know) that I don't even really notice them. Which, as you so rightly point out, is sort of horrifying.

I'll be interested to see your rant once it's gelled - and wish you all good resume-shopping vibes, of course.

hetherjw said...

I went to school in Ohio and was at times able to forget where I was. Then I would see a huge group of students clapping and cheering for anti-abortion activists. I have retreated back to the east coast.

chicago is an island in the sea of middle america.

Cinnamon said...

I grew up in rural Ohio and kept trying to convince myself that folks with confederate flags were just fans of The Dukes of Hazzard. It never worked.