Tuesday, August 01, 2006

in other news...

it's hot. so hot. so, so hot.

but you already knew that.

yesterday, our air conditioner decided that it was time to cease working properly. it has an impeccable sense of comic timing.

so, we spent the evening sprawled out across two couches, staring at baseball on the tv, while two fans and one fan-formerly-known-as-air-conditioner ran up our electric bill and only nominally cooled down the apartment.

cooled down as in blew some hot air around, so it only felt 75% like a sauna.

i mean, BoyCat had a wet do-rag on his head. people, it was bad.

so, i am now sitting in my air-conditioned office, praying that we can coax one more day of cold air out of that thing when we get home tonight. one more sweaty, sticky, semi-sleepless night on my loveseat sofa does not sound terribly appealing right now.

but if all else fails, the bars are air-conditioned, right?

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e$ said...

I like your thinking. Our AC in our last, tiny attic-apartment crapped out for the last time the morning we were moving out, just before the heat wave. I've been by since, and laugh maniacally when I see a fan propped up in the window.