Friday, August 18, 2006

always split aces and eights, never split fives and tens.

ok, people, i am signing off. for six days, i am cutting off all lines of communication to and from the blogging world. eek! will i survive? will i end up scribbling html code on the hotel room walls? only time will tell.

i sense that i will be all right, only because there will be prolific opportunities for gambling and drinking during most of my self-imposed exile. hell, they are the reasons for my self-imposed exile. my plan for the five days in las vegas is pretty much this: sleep, drink coffee, drink booze, gamble, look at cool hotels, eat, drink booze, sit by the pool, gamble, drink booze, eat, drink booze. rinse and repeat.

now i am not a seasoned gambler by any means, but i have made it my mission to play at least a few rounds of blackjack while i'm there. i actually held my own in the casino on the cruise ship two summers ago - i managed to play for half an hour or so and not lose all the money i ponied up. if i can manage that in vegas, i will do a little happy dance. otherwise, i will be trolling the casinos with SisterCat looking for wheel of fortune slot machines (she swears by them now, even though that "wheel! of! fortune!" thing threatens to drive anyone batty) and video poker. i will cast aspersions and dirty looks in the direction of the craps tables, as i managed to lose $20 in 45 seconds at one of those evil things. you're not seducing me with your shiny dice and dealer-wielding-a-stick this time, craps.

oh, and BoyCat is growing a dirty moustache specifically for the purpose of looking like a capital-T Trashy tourist for a day. there is also a fishing-related tank top involved. i told him he had one day, and one day only, for this little role-playing enterprise, but i wager he won't get through three hours before passing out from laughing so hard at his ridiculous self. i'll report back.

ok, that's all i got. see you all next week!


Roni said...

Much luck chica!

Stacey said...

Have loads of fun & take loads of pics!

FINY said...

Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to hear the stories!

Lady J said...

Have so much fun!! I love Vegas. Going in September for my annual weekend with the girls. Hope you win some dough. Word of advice: Play the slots at Tropicana. They pay out well!!