Thursday, July 13, 2006

you'd actually be amazed at how many nasty calls and letters we used to get.

so, apparently, my old nonprofitland stomping grounds in boston, an agency called Project Bread - the Walk for Hunger, was featured on the Daily Show this week! and unlike governor blagojevich, they were aware it was a spoof of the news. maybe it was the fact that the show is on a network called "comedy central" that tipped them off, who knows.

the segment is about a guy named paul who hates all the walkathons that happen in boston every spring because, well, it inconveniences him. he reserves most of his vitriol for the mother of all boston walkathons, the walk for hunger. and really, i remember getting calls from people like paul, all hot and bothered because we were spending a day raising a few million bucks to feed hungry people. that really chafed their hides, for some reason.

anyway, if you've actually jumped through the hoops of fire required to watch video via comedy central's website (seriously, it takes like two hours and an animal sacrifice), you can check out the segment, called Look Who's Walking, Too on The Daily Show's video page. dan bakkedahl interviews my old executive director, who really holds her own and plays the straight man (straight woman, technically) very well.

my only complaint is that somehow the communications department at "the loaf" (as SisterCat used to affectionately call it) neglected to send out an email message about the appearance until a few hours before the last re-run on tuesday. seriously? you've got a whole communications department over there, and you couldn't get it together enough to send out a message before the episode aired? but whatever. that's what the internet's for, i guess.


e$ said...

oh my GOD you are so right about the Daily Show's site. We tried to watch it last night, to no avail, and it made me wonder why people bother with that shit anyway.

FINY said...

hahahahahaha ... freaking hilarious, thanks for sharing!