Friday, July 14, 2006


boston women, take note:

Hollaback Boston is here!

now, the NYC site has been open to stories from all over the world and still is, but it's kinda nice to have a little corner of the internet devoted solely to those special boston skeevs. and believe me, i wish this had been around when i lived there (not that i even had a cameraphone back then - it was like the dark ages of really bulky nokias). i could have sent in posts about the stretch of comm ave. between the T stop and my apartment that i called "the gauntlet," for reasons that you can imagine, or about the day i was walking around in the theater district and momentarily wondered, "wait, do i have any clothes on??" because of the volume and intensity of harassment i was getting.

so, be aware and be safe, but don't take any shit either - now you can hollaback.

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jayniek said...

oooh ohhh! I'm in!
Thanks for the tip.

and yeeeeea, i'm going to the game today.