Sunday, July 30, 2006

sunday morning trauma.

what is it with the early hour crazy-making weekend? yesterday morning it was the boomers, this morning it's a hair salon.

around 10:30 i call up my salon to make an appointment with my stylist, sarah, who has given me a number of fantastic cuts and is all-around super cute and great. really, i just need the cut i have cleaned up, since i don't want to go to vegas in three weeks looking like a shaggy dog. the receptionist answers the phone.

"hi," i say, "i was wondering if sarah was working on friday and free for an appointment."

"oh," says the receptionist, "actually...sarah moved to spain."

spain. obviously. of course.

"what?? spain? when?" i say. "march, i think. march or may," the receptionist answers, and it must be may, because i have definitely been to the salon since march, and sarah mentioned nothing about, oh, moving to europe. i mean, i can see it - this is a girl who rented an apartment in buenos aires for two weeks for her last vacation. but really, who is prepared for the news that her fantastic hairstylist has moved across the atlantic?

eventually, though, i composed myself, and i just scheduled an appointment with another stylist. life will go on. and i know that i'm moving myself in two months, but selfishly, it would've been nice if she could've waited a little while longer to flee the country so i could get in one last haircut! oh well.

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Mike said...

You should see if Ric at Chicago Male is free. Tell him I sent you! If you're lucky, he won't trim your eyebrows.