Wednesday, July 26, 2006


dammit, harold reynolds. i liked you on baseball tonight. you were funny, you were knowledgable, you had good teeth and you wore a suit really well. who knew you were also a skeeve, just like so many others of your kind.

so regrettable. so depressing.

according to a new york post about the sexual harassment charge against reynolds, the atmosphere in bristol has never really been, shall we say, female-friendly:

ESPN has been vigilant about sexual harassment because it reportedly has been a problem in Bristol for years. In 2000, the book "ESPN: The Uncensored History" reported rampant cases of harassment of women. Most prominently mentioned was Mike Tirico, who was even suspended at one point.

Tirico, though, never was fired and now is one of the main faces of the network. This fall, he will be ESPN's new voice for "Monday Night Football." Since the book's release, ESPN has denied its validity.

ESPN is known for giving its top on-air employees warnings. There are many cases where ESPN executives have chosen to provide on-air personnel with second chances.

the article points out two examples of such second chances - michael irvin and rick sutcliffe - which were actually not harassment related, but drug and alcohol related. it would be fascinating to know exactly how ESPN goes about combating sexism and harassment in what is certainly a male-dominated environment. and interesting study in HR, to be sure.

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hennymatt said...

I'm pretty sure that no HR rep would want to ever work in that outfit!