Tuesday, July 18, 2006

man meat, and other advertising devices.

i've wanted to blog about the "restore your manhood" hummer ad. really i have. however, every time i try to put coherent language together that describes the infinite stupidity of the commerical, i just end up hearing a ringing in my ears and seeing bright red dots floating around in my line of vision. i think that's my brain telling me it *will* short-circuit if i think about the ad for one more second.

thankfully, jaynie k passed along this beautiful evisceration of the ad from mighty pony girl, which pretty much covers it. to wit:

It's beyond the boundaries of broadcast decency to actually show the man in the doctor's office being told that he's impotent, or that he has a low sperm count, or showing him gazing forlornly at a small mountain of male enhancement pills that have proven ineffective and thus relegated to the trash. Instead, they show him in the checkout line: purchasing a block of flacid, tasteless tofu. This is a man whose penis is in trouble.

clearly in trouble. just like humanity, for allowing a society in which people get paid obscene amounts of money to come up with this brain-cell-annihilating idiocy.

mighty pony girl also throws in an extra treat, an august j. pollak cartoon that takes on the previous incarnation of the hummer ad, burger king's bizarro "men eat meat" musical theater piece/ad. men? "meat"? pirouetting? nothing gay about that.


Anonymous said...

That ad is sickening. As is the "female" ad in the same campaign.

But they sure have accurately identified their demographic, haven't they?


jayniek said...

Have they though?

Anonymous said...

Oh, heck yeah. Insecure idiots who believe driving a Hummer will make them appear decidedly bad-ass are the ONLY ones responding positively to that ad. And that's precisely who Hummer needs to reach.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I should say insecure idiots who CAN BE EASILY CONVINCED THAT driving a Hummer will make them appear decidedly bad-ass.


dorothy rothschild said...

Mr. Benchley and I were having dinner up in Westchester last weekend after a day trip to the Hudson Valley. A big yellow H3 pulled up, complete with custom fog lights mounted on the hood and personalized license plates. The license plates read: BIG DADY.

Out of this penis mobile stepped a short middle-aged man with a bald pate and a large paunch wearing pleated khaki shorts, a polo shirt, and boat shoes.

Big Daddy, indeed.

kate.d. said...

westchester, huh? sounds about right!