Sunday, July 16, 2006

hades, or chicago. one and the same.

q: when the forecasted temperature for today is 100 degrees, and the national weather service predicts a "dangerous" heat index of 105-110 degrees and recommends that you "stay out of the sun," what should you do?

a: have a picnic cultivation event at nonprofitland's residential facility! for four hours! with no tent! and make it mandatory for development to be there!

obviously that's what you do.

i want some gazpacho and ice cubes for dinner.

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jayniek said...

today is garbage day in somerville, and the whole city smells like total crap. the heat is making all the trashjuice fester and boil, and it is gross.

so at your nonprofit thingama, just make sure you cover the trash cans. with, like, platinum.