Friday, July 21, 2006

double vision.

i am always amazed by situations like this.

don't you think that someone involved in the creation of this image:

should be able to sue the people involved in the making of this movie poster:

intellectual property, or copyright infringement, or something, right? because holy laura palmer, that is a rip-off.


jayniek said...

meh, the whole world is a derivative work.

no, but really, with the rise of flickr, wikis, and open source everything, the rules have become looser and looser, if only because media laws can't keep up with users.

kate.d. said...

jayne, your disaffected postmodernity pains me :)

i can imagine that the rules just sort of break down at some point, though - and not that they were that airtight to begin with. you know, exactly how much does your work need to resemble someone elses before it crosses the line from derivative to infringing? and who decides, anyway?

at any rate, i just think it's a blatant rip-off and pretty sad - i mean christ, come up with your own promo poster! :)

Sarah said...

other than the fact that both feature a lady's face under water centered on the poster...i don't see that much resemblance to be honest. i mean what else would they do..the movie is called Lady In The Water.

elizalou said...

I'm beginning to think "The Lady in the Water" is just one big giant ripoff of. . . oh, just about everything ever. I don't know why, but I just get the feeling that it is absolutley unoriginal in every possible way.

Maybe it's the title? And you'd think with such an obvious title they'd at least make a little effort to not make such a literal poster.


kate.d. said...

sarah, funny that you ask "what else could they do," because when i googled "lady in the water" to find the image, i saw a bunch of links to an alternate movie poster that i had never seen anywhere else thus far. Here it is; totally different, and apparently not testing well with people.

so that's just a little twist that i thought was interesting.
and the blue-green tones? the face placement and size? the texturing of image around the face? no??

Anonymous said...

They were hoping you wouldn't notice.



Rachel said...

I thought I was the only one who saw that!