Saturday, June 17, 2006

world cup halftime report.

ok, can i just say, the US national team is playing like my JV high school team. the announcers are being far too kind.

eddie pope can apparently do nothing but foul, and fuck up an attempted off-sides trap that resulted in an italy goal. we're overkicking everything. our one goal of the game was put in by an italian defender. we're either clustering around the ball like schoolchildren, or putting it into open space with no one nearly close enough to run it down.

and fucking christ, could we put a shot or two on goal? ever?



hetherjw said...

wow. way too harsh.

they played much better than they did against CR.

and now if the US wins and Italy wins the US advances.

and they did it 9 on 10 for most of the second half.

kate.d. said...

jason, i was actually much more impressed with the second half :) those two red cards against us were completely ridiculous, and it's pretty amazing that they were able to hold on, being a man down.

also, i didn't see the game against the czech republic, so i didn't have that to compare in my head.

however, they're going to have to play better than both their past outings in order to advance...