Monday, June 12, 2006

"it's like one...billion...degrees."

god damn those dunkin donuts ads! their stupid jingles get stuck in my head with alarming ease. that one, and the "sticking to the pleather" one just latch onto some loose synapses in my brain and don't let go.

it's not one billion degrees here, really. it's only about 65. and cooler by the lake, of course.

did i ever tell you about my brilliant idea to make a shirt that says "cooler by the lake"? no? well, it's brilliant. and i was telling my boss about it the other day, and she even more brilliantly suggested that i make them in bulk, in two different variations: "lincoln park - cooler by the lake" and "gold coast - cooler by the lake". then i could sell them at an exorbitant mark-up to all the trixies, chads, and hipsters-turned-yuppies roaming around those two areas all summer.

i'd make a killing!


elizalou said...

What a fabulous idea! You've totally revamped a phrase I've dreaded all my life. You should absolutely make them. I'd buy one, if you made some without the neighborhoods.

Man, I'm a little sad now that I'm not by "the lake" anymore. Up here we have "the lakes" and they are far too ritzy for my blood. So there you go, you could export them up here and be pretty much guaranteed to get the same markup.

Seriously, you have to make them.

Roni said...

two words, chica:

Cafe press

Cinnamon said...

If I could draw, I would draw a bit of the lake, with a little of the skyline in the background and then I'd draw a cooler sitting by the water's edge. But I can't.

Mike said...

"Cooler By The Lake" is better without the neighborhoods. If you add them in, it becomes "You're Going To Love It Here!".

elizalou said...

Any designs yet? For giggles, I started sketching some out at work the other day . . . do you know closely Lake Michigan resembles a penis? Particularly when drawn by a really crappy artist.

I tell you, I am your first customer.