Friday, June 02, 2006

friday confessions.

a short list, off the top of my head. because you're obviously not doing anything else with a few minutes of your friday.

- i don't know the proper grammatical usage of "toward" versus "towards." i have two english degrees.

- i watched an E! true hollywood story last night.

- i use stamps that i didn't buy.

- i am going out for lunch two days in a row. that makes the little spendthrift that lives in my brain start hissing, "but you don't have any money." which is kind of true.

- i don't wash my jeans nearly as much as i should. i won't even tell you how often, because it's that embarrassing.

- i just had to spell check "embarrassing." and i was wrong.

- i didn't like magnolia.

- i like any and all lifetime movies.

feel free to share a friday confession in comments, if you like. go ahead - it's cathartic.


Sarah said...

1) the toward/towards thing is a mystery to me too and i majored in English!

2) i hate washing my jeans because it takes forever to get them back to back as comfy as they were

3) lifetime rulez!

educand said...

I didn't like Magnolia either, but it has Tom Cruise in it, so I feel justified. Unless you're speaking of a different Magnolia.

kate.d. said...

one and the same, educand. my mom and i quit halfway through, when you're supposed to switch DVD discs...we were like, "eh."

i caught a lot of flack for this in grad school, that bastion of postmodern art and all things slightly pretentious...

jayniek said...

I loved Magnolia, although I like anything with frogs. And an Aimee Mann soundtrack. This fit the bill.

Also, I sooo wash my jeans less than you.

This is kinda like a Secret(tm) deodorant commercial. Fun. more.... I think all poodles should be put to sleep purely because of aesthetics.

DancingFish said...

If you watched the TWO HOUR E True Hollywood Story of The Women of Sex and the City, you weren't alone.

Heather said...

I listen to Tom Jones. And if that's not embarassing, nothing is.

Oh, and I can't spell warehouse. I always try to spell it wharehouse. I only recently figured out that it's medicine and not medecine. :P

I think the security word below (jauxrfyd) looks welsh. I don't know if that's a secret, but there it is. :)

Toast said...

i like any and all lifetime movies

Oh, I'm so going to hurl. I've always thought Lifetime should just go all out and change their slogan to "Because Men are Sucky and Evil".