Tuesday, May 23, 2006


sometimes, i have these moments. usually they happen right around when i'm finishing my first cup of coffee at the office, and i'm sitting at my desk pulling up this or that half-finished document. flush with the first round of caffeine making it's way through my system, i get the idea that it'd be great to try to be really productive today - to just plow through a ton of work in the next eight hours, and that will be hard, but won't it be great when all of it's done?

luckily, these moments wear off.

hmmm, what does The Gilded Moose have for me today?

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e$ said...

i have those moments too... then I think "well, maybe i'll just check the interest on my savings account. that's not really the internet".

next think you know, I'm reading gawker archives from 2004 sipping Dr. Pepper from a straw. :)