Monday, May 22, 2006

more good news.

two encouraging, female-centric stories in as many days? fetch me the fainting couch!

for your monday morning "lady parts" primer, check out this article on the growing popularity of period-surpressing pills.

now, i use seasonale, and let me tell you, i literally did a happy dance back in grad school when i heard they were coming out with this pill. and i have had no complaints since i started taking it (other than the high co-pay that i had to endure while the drug was so new to the market). but according to the article,

Amid wide acceptance by doctors, [Seasonale] sales shot up 62 percent last year, to $110 million.

i'm not the only one who thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread. and apparently there's a 2.0 on the horizon, called seasonique, which I imagine will come even closer to, if not actually accomplish, blocking periods entirely.

and though seasonique is a ridiculously stupid name, i won't hold that against it if it relieves me of my womanly duties. hell, i've already reneged on so many others, why stop now? out, damned spot, indeed.


karen gsteiger said...

Hey, a personal question, if you don't mind...

How do you know that you're not pregnant? Do you have to regularly take pregnancy tests?

My gyno has mentioned this as an option for me if my estrogen-withdrawal-induced headaches get to be too much of a hassle. At this point, I'm used to having a headache throughout my entire period...and, at worst, a migraine. But I'm a little leery of switching things up too much. I've had bad experiences with birth control before. I'm glad to hear that it's working out for you!

jayniek said...


a word of warning-- Loestrin also just came out with a new slam-bang period-suppressing ad campaign as well.

but stop. loestrin are bad, bad pills. baaaad. they made me crazy and weird and sad and off-kilter and feel gross and just bad. baaaad. i called them my poison pills. loudly.
did i say baaaaad?

and then i switched brands and was my normal sort of weird, crazy, and off-kilter self within a week. phew.

and yes, seasonale. is good.

wow-- that just stirred up some angry memories.
my pen almost spontaneously flew across the room.

kate.d. said...

jaynie, i hear you. what's so funny about it is that one pill can make one woman borderline homicidal, and be a dream for another woman. it's a matter of trial and error. i don't even remember the name of the first pill i went on in college, but it lasted about 3 months before i was like "this is not gonna work out."

karen, i'll email you :) but i will say here that, no, i don't take a pregnancy test every month! that would be expensive and very anxiety inducing!

karen gsteiger said...

Loestrin actually has worked out very well for me, although this headache thing seems to be coming up a lot. But that's a vast improvement over the first bc prescription I ever took, which had me increasingly nauseated every day of the month except the days when I was taking the placebo pills. Dry heaving is not for me! (Although if you feel like you're going to barf all the time, you're probably not going to have sex, which makes for a pretty effective form of birth control...I guess.)

But yeah, I'm not trying to be super-intrusive or anything. I was just curious because I could totally see myself freaking out about whether or not the Seasonale was working...

Seasonale sounds like something Goose Island would come out with.

kate.d. said...

karen, no worries, i actually get that question a lot! it's a good one.

somewaterytart said...

Hey Kate, could you email me too with the info on how you know you're not pregnant? I too also despise having my period...I know, big surprise...I get crazy...