Tuesday, May 09, 2006

it's a small blogosphere after all.

ok, well that's not news. but this morning, i read toast's smackdown of jonathan chait's recent article in the new republic. basically, chait is arguing that joe lieberman is being villified by a pack of angry, good-for-nothing beatniks - a.k.a. the lefty netroots - who will ultimately hurt the democratic party with all our hysterical, foamy-mouthed caterwauling. toast, in sum, says fuck that.

then, this afternoon, i click over to pandagon and what do i see? jedmund's post about the exact same chait article. the title of the post? "A Toast, To Agreeing With 'Dangerous Fanatics' 80% of the Time."

toast! "A Toast"! oh, the meta-ness of it all! and unintentional meta-ness, at that. wait, can meta be unintentional? anyway. it's funny. now, get out of here, and go ready another lefty blog whose mere existence threatens the stability of the civilization as we know it.

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Toast said...

That's funny.