Friday, May 19, 2006

friday cat baseball blogging, crosstown showdown edition.

CatCat is taking the night off, in order to make way for a grocery bag. that's right, bear with me.

so, this weekend is one of two huge baseball weekends in chicago. i speak, of course, of cubs v. sox. the first game already happened earlier today (sox spanked 'em, 6-1), with two more to go. BoyCat and i will most definitely be tuning in, and making chicago hot dogs and drinking beer while cheering for the world champs.

i know i've posted about the baseball rivalry in chicago before, so i just offer this one story and accompanying photo as evidence that the cubs/sox debate is a conversation that is always - always - going on somewhere in this city.

a few weeks back, i was doing some grocery shopping at trader joe's. earlier in the afternoon, i had made the fatal mistake of walking down broadway wearing a white sox sweatshirt at the same time the cubs game let out (i was about 6 blocks from wrigley, for those unfamiliar with north side geography). as i'm walking, some guy in a car yells out "sox suck!" as he's driving by, and i just have to smile, because hello, we won the world series.*

so anyway, i'm at trader joe's later. mind you, this is on the north side as well, in what would usually be considered cubs territory. but my check-out guy says, "hey, i like your sweatshirt." i said, "thanks." he said, "yeah, i'm a big fan myself, that's why it pains me to have to give out these bags," and points to the tj's bags emblazoned with a big cubs logo. i said, "i know! i've actually made sure to carry them home with the logo facing towards my legs, so no one sees!" check-out guy is like, "yeah, i would too." so i tell him the story of the guy who yelled out the window at me. he said, "cubs fans are idiots. they're just drunk all the time." then the girl behind me in line pipes up and says, "i know! god, they were all so drunk and obnoxious on the train home earlier." check-out guy and i voice our agreement.**

three total strangers, in line at the grocery store, bitching about the cubs. then, check-out guy goes to give me my groceries, then says "oh, wait!" he grabs a red sharpie from the counter, and i walked out with customized tj's bags:

as they say back home and around here...go sox!

*for the record, i completely acknowledge that red sox fans' beloved "yankees suck" chant falls into exactly the same trap. however, while i don't tend to use it myself, i enjoy its persistent ubiquity in the face of such overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary. it's endearing.
**roni is a non-drunk-and-obnoxious cubs fan. so there is one. the rest, though, are all suspect.


Roni said...


You so suck. I totally had a "well Sox fans are pretty drunk themselves" rant all in my head until I read that last line. You're forgiven since you're not a homegrown Sox fan.

karen gsteiger said...

As a fellow non-drunk and obnoxious Cubs fan (in my opinion), OMG, I have found Sox fans to be *much* more obnoxious and drunk and in-your-face than Cubs fans, but then I don't live around Wrigley either. I'm sure I'd hate them all in that situation as well.

I don't mean to step on any toes, but the Sox ascendancy must END. Now. First of all, no team should ever have overcome a curse that resulted from throwing a World Series. Not bringing a goat into a stadium vs. purposely throwing a World Series? Why are the Cubs forever cursed? It just doesn't seem fair.

Second, I have had to endure one White Sox World Series win in my life (as much as I'd like to forget it), and I would like to never see it happen again. White Sox fan smugness is at an all-time high. I realize that it works the other way around when the Cubs actually do well, but it is annoying to *me* right now.

My feeling is that they've had one, and that's more than enough.

Most people of my generation claim to be blase about the whole thing, but as a lifetime resident of the Chicagoland area (okay, so I spent like 2/3 of my life in Indiana), I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate the White Sox just like as an IU alum, I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate Purdue.

Actually, I didn't really care one way or the other until I experienced one of the *worst* nights of my entire life at the Cell, courtesy of some *really* drunk and obnoxious Sox fans who also happened to be my husband's coworkers. So instead of being unpolitic, I just blame the White Sox for the unpleasant experience, and that really turned me against the team.

But I agree with're a transplant, so it's okay.

Oh, and put a big winky emoticon by this entire post. ;)

Heather said...

I'm one of the few, the proud, the omni-Chicago baseball fans. :) I'm truly a Cubs fan (even though I loathe loathe Ryan Sandberg), but growing up my father knew two Sox players and we were given free tickets to go to the games all the time. So I have great fondness for them too, especially with Ozzie as coach. So I smirk at your Sox commentary :) and raspberry at your Cubs commentary :P

Toast said...

Cubs fans are identical to Red Sox fans. Just as dysfunctional. Just as pathetic. It's a sad thing to see grown adults act like that, but, there you go.

karen gsteiger said...

I can't remember which comedian said this, but I'll paraphrase by saying that the Cubs are like cousins whom you love and wish the best for, but you know that they're just doomed to failure.

Anyway, who owns the White Sox? Reinsdorf? You can count on him to destroy your winning team at some point just like he did to the Bulls. And then all will be right in the world again. ;)