Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i'm so sick of this shit, i could break good china.

for anyone who thought the theme of "blaming the victim" when it comes to violence against women was passé, think again. this ran on the Wall Street Journal op-ed page:

A police investigation has confirmed that on the night of her murder, Ms. St. Guillen was last seen in a bar, alone and drinking at 3 a.m. on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It does not diminish Mr. Littlejohn's guilt or the tragedy of Ms. St. Guillen's death to note what more than a few of us have been thinking--that a 24-year-old woman should know better.

for good measure, she goes on to note that the stripper going to work at the duke lacrosse house should have known better, and that female cadets at the coast guard academy should have known better. lovely.

seriously, nothing makes me angrier than this bullshit. this woman gives a slight head-nod to the idea of "re-educating men" and then goes on for eight more paragraphs telling women to smarten up and avoid being raped, for chrissakes. i'm all for common sense, but i'm also all for calling a crime a crime, regardless of how "stupid" the victim of said crime was. subtly diminishing the responsibility of the criminal by pointing out the lack of "common sense" on the part of the victim is a particularly vile bit of misogyny that we can't seem to shake. and her claim that this idea "does not diminish Mr. Littlejohn's guilt" is bullshit too. that's exactly what it does, and it's ignorant and best and disingeneous at worst to say so.

here's a thought. we women have learned a lot about Rape Prevention, and how the onus is on us to avoid being brutally violated. let's give the guys a basic lesson for a change, as i think this could be quite helpful.

Rape Prevention for Men: don't. rape. women.

that would solve the whole problem very quickly, wouldn't it?


Kate said...

You know, your prevention plan sounds effective. Let's implement that so women can be outside at night without either being chastized or abused.

karen gsteiger said...

We girls just can't win. Even if you never touch a drop of alcohol and go home promptly at sundown every night and stay there, some guy could break into your home and rape you. Then people will be asking you why you only had two locks on your doors...

Ryann said...

thank you for your words. damn fucking straight!!

I had a guy at work ask me what I like to hear men say to me. I responded with, "Don't say anything to me that you wouldn't say to your sister". he of course was shocked. he thought I liked and expected to be sexually harassed daily.

how about rape prevention: don't separate good girls/ bad girls. don't create and encourage the perception of the other. treat EVERYONE with respect as an individual with dignity, choice, and self-worth.

Don't fucking rape women.

LaMuerta said...

Oh, but really. How can all those poor, helpless men -- slaves to testosterone and simply bursting with sperm!!! -- be expected to restrain themselves when we insist upon having vaginas? Shouldn't we know better than have vaginas? SHOULDN'T WE?

Please excuse my profanity, but fuck the misogynisitic bitch who wrote that article -- and fuck the WSJ for publishing it.