Monday, April 10, 2006


blogger is being a pain in the ass right now, so i'll keep this quick. but i just wanted to tell you all that this morning, between the Sedgwick and Chicago stops on the El, i looked out the window and saw a horse. a white horse. a big, live, tail-flicking, grass-eating white horse hanging out in a fenced in plot of land.

the only reason that i know i'm not crazy is that i've seen the horse before.

that time, of course, i thought i was crazy. but this time i knew better.



karen gsteiger said...

I want a horse! Well, I don't even have the fenced-in yard, or any yard at all, but I do have a small 10th-floor balcony, and that should be sufficient for a horse, right?

Roni said...

What you saw is the Noble Horse Theater 'grazing' area. It shocked me too the first time I drove past.

kate.d. said...

i figured it might have something to do with the theater :)