Tuesday, April 18, 2006


so, this morning we had our first bug sighting of the spring season. not outside, mind you, but in the apartment. the interior bug sightings drop off precipitously after thanksgiving, and don't start increasing again until...right about now.

this morning, it was a brown spider about the size of a nickel, right at the edge of the wall and ceiling in the shower. luckily, BoyCat was awake to shave while i was showering, so i was able to enlist his help in exterminating it. and by enlist his help, i mean do the entire deed.

i would've killed it if i had to, of course. i've killed my fair share of bugs inside apartments. don't make me tell the My First Cockroach story from my boston apartment, as three years later i still throw up in my mouth a little as i recount it. it involves a flying cockroach, a can of bug spray, and one very heavy wooden clog.


ok, that's enough.


elizalou said...

Okay, I'm gonna join in on the grossness here. I just saw my first centipede of the year a few nights ago and it shivers me timbers even today. THat sucker was huge!

I must say that I am impressed with your use of a clog in dealing with the flying cockroach. I use a strict vaccuum cleaner(with extra long extension)/fly swatter/bug spray policy when dealing with most bugs. Whatever keeps me further away and helps eliminate a crunching sound is what I prefer.

Ew, indeed.

Ryann said...

squish them all

LaMuerta said...

It's bad luck to kill a spider, you know. Not so much with the roaches. I can't think about the clog part, though. God, the crunching. Ergh.

karen gsteiger said...

I too make my husband play bug exterminator when such measures are necessary. I'd have to leave the apartment if I saw a centipede...I HATE those things!

educand said...

Bugs? What are bugs? We have three cats in my house - vermin stand no chance.

Cinnamon said...

We also have two cats. You think that would mean that we'd never see another house centipede (we call them eyelash bugs: they're non-poisonous and eat other bugs so we don't kill them). But apparently they taste bad. We found exactly two half bugs a day or two after we moved in. Now the cats just watch them run across the floor and then look at us as if to say "You gonna let that keep going?" They have no idea how lucky they are, those cats.

Mike said...

There was a cricket in my house the other night. I have never seen a cricket before, and didn't exactly recognize it without the top hat and tails. I thought it was a big, ugly spider, and John, who should know better by now, informed me it was a cricket. It ran under the TV stand, never to be seen again. Luckily, it didn't keep me up all night with it's cricketness.