Sunday, March 05, 2006

some live, semi-drunken oscar blogging.

overheard in our aparment so far tonight:

"interpretative dance! interpretative dance!" --BoyCat, encouraging me to come back to the living room as i was finishing mixing my (second) margarita in the blender, during the performance of some song from Crash. the set was on fire, too. for real.

"oh, my. how déclassé."* -- me, after watching the March of the Penguins winners walk up holding giant stuffed penguins.

"this, from the girl downing her third margarita and wearing yoga pants??" -- BoyCat, in response to above critique.

"the antichrist is brought to you in part by Lexus." -- a voiceover heard on the History Channel, during a commerical break from a two-hour special on the antichrist.

i'm not sure we'll be able to top that last one.

*thanks elizalou! now i am a word/blogger ninja.

1 comment:

Mike said...

Seriously, two minutes ago I was telling my friend how cute it was when the March of the Penguins guys brought up stuffed penguins. I guess this is where we differ.