Friday, March 17, 2006

march madness - a new england scene.

setting: a warehouse in northeastern massachusetts. DadCat is working an openhouse at this warehouse with a few other guys - it is not his home warehouse, he's just there to help for the day. his co-worker from the home warehouse, tom, is manning the store there.

time: mid-afternoon.

my dad's phone rings, and he answers it.

tom (gravely): DadCat! hey, have you heard what's happening?

DadCat (concerned): no, what?

tom: BC is down by five with like thirty seconds left in overtime!

DadCat: oh my god! are you serious?

tom: yeah. i thought you'd want to know. put it on the radio or something.

DadCat: jesus. ok.

tom: all right, talk to you later.

DadCat: ok, bye.

DadCat turns to the other guys at the warehouse, who are all looking at him with stricken faces.

guy (concerned): what happened??

DadCat: BC is down by five with thirty seconds left in overtime.

guy: jesus, i thought somebody died or something!

DadCat (reaching for the radio dial): people die every day. for god's sake, this is BC basketball!

and you wonder where i get it from.....


jayniek said...

As if I wasn't already won over by Dadcat after his infamous pool table joke...

Kate said...

This is another one of those moments where I wonder if we're the same person...

kate.d. said...

why kate, you a BC fan? ;-)