Monday, March 13, 2006

it's cold here, and my cat is crazy.

i guess those are two things you either already know, or have absolutely no interest in knowing. sorry about that.

i tried to get a little post up during the day today, but blogger was being a bee-eye-tee-see-aych earlier. really, it wouldn't have been any more interesting than this post, though, so you didn't miss much.

changes are afoot at nonprofitland. i am busy. i am hoping to be less busy in about three weeks, after i train the person who is coming on to take my old job (which i have been doing for the last two months, along with my current job) and we get some event planning stuff straightened out with a contract person, who is coming on to fill in for my other development co-worker who's leaving. leaving like, next friday. and our huge annual fundraising event is about six weeks away.

people, i am not an event planner. i will tell you that much. and luckily, my boss knows it, so i am not going to be adding "gala-coordinator-against-my-will" to my resume bullet points any time soon.

anyway, crazy shit is happening. i am attempting to be as Zen as possible about it. then again, i tried to be Zen about the 2004 red sox - yankees ALCS after game 3...that didn't work out so well. so maybe i'll just aim for being Not A Ball Of Stress.

CatCat, mix me a drink.

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Thesaurus Rex said...

It's cold here, tonight, too. And both my cats are crazy.

But they get extra sweet at bedtime on a cold night.