Monday, February 06, 2006

terrible, in a good way.

i'd just like to take these last few minutes of my lunch hour to say congrats to the Steelers, and all their fans, on emerging victorious from Superbowl XL*. they had a great post-season run, beating the one, two, and three seeds from the AFC, and doing it all on the road. that is impressive enough, but i'm glad they were able to take it all the way.

i also need to comment on the fact that, at our friends' superbowl party last night, they had a sandwich with french fries on it. that's right, french fries on it. that was a first for me, and a wonderful first it was. hooray for pittsburghian food.

*seriously, i will never fully understand roman numerals. if i had to guess what forty was, i would have guessed XX, but i would've been totally wrong because X is ten, not twenty. XL is actuall 10-50, but since the big number comes after the little one, you subtract little from big. get it? yeah, me neither.


Jeff said...

I understand Roman Numerals well enough. It's doing math with them that kills me.

Kate said...

mmm, french fries.

hey, you can rename your blog "a cat and xx!"

Toast said...

Wow. So much for classical education in this country.