Thursday, January 05, 2006

real quick like, before i fall into bed.

i have some real posts percolating in my brain, but they will have to wait until that most noble of organs can figure out how to translate said percolations into actual, readable sentences.

see above for exhibit A of this problem.

a few thoughts, though, that i feel oddly compelled to share:

- i really need to put in a new pair of contacts. i am one of those abusers of the two-week limit, you know, where i just wear them until they make my eyeballs hurt. well, my eyeballs hurt.

- mtv's true life has the ability to draw me in like no other tv show. if i haven't told you about the wonder that was true life: i have a summer share (on the jersey shore!), well, i'm going to commit 3 or 4 future posts to doing just that. tonight's episode was not quite that good, but true life: i'm moving to new york was still highly entertaining. i can't even get into all of it now, it's just too much to process, but the favorite character of BoyCat and i by far was josh, a 20 year old from wisconsin who moved to new york to become a model. if josh had three brain cells, then they must've been fighting with each other at all times. and he had a wisconsin accent. and he fell asleep on camera at a "burrito world." that's all i can say.

- CatCat is in some kind of highly agitated state right now. she has attacked BoyCat's glasses sitting on the edge of the couch, leapt at low-hanging christmas ornaments (i'm taking the tree down tomorrow, really), and has spent the last five minutes attempting to peer behind the cable box and dvd player, in order to get at some invisible menace that's lurking there. the catnip mice scattered around on the floor are usually the extent of CatCat's entertainment, so this is intriguing. if someone finds BoyCat and i dead via clawing tomorrow, you'll know whodunit.


GC (God's Child) said...

taking the tree down? NOoooooo, keep it up. Take down the ornaments and decorate with hearts, or better yet, photos of black people for February

Kate said...

Wow, our first names are both Kate, we both have a cat, we both wear our two week contacts into oblivion, and we both think Wisconsin boy's personality is about as stimulating as a rock.