Friday, December 02, 2005

friday cat blogging, slightly drunk edition.

ok, back from the nonprofitland holiday party, slightly drunk (don't worry, BoyCat drove), and ready to post some CatCat pictures. i figured in the spirit of holiday drunkenness, i would take a few pictures right now and post them - it's almost like real time, but not quite.

the above picture is of CatCat ignoring my pleas for her to smile at the camera, and licking her tail instead.

this is CatCat crawling under the coffee table, after attempting to lick the camera lens repeatedly. doesn't she look tough?

ok, that concludes our semi-drunken edition of friday cat blogging. now i'm off to enjoy the rest of my night. i think there's a half empty bottle of belvedere around here somewhere...

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Toast said...

Belvedere? Do tell.