Monday, December 19, 2005

a downside of renting.

this morning, i got in the shower and discovered icicles on my bathroom window. on the inside. mmmmhmmm, that's right. a thin layer of frost on the whole window, and tiny little icicles hanging off the metal lip at the bottom of the window.

this could be because the window is made of frosted plastic, and there is no storm window in between it and the elements. that, plus the fact that it was below zero last night. i imagine i should call my landlord about this, no? they are usually pretty good about fixing things when they break, and i think that ice on the inside of a window could potentially constitute "broken." at least, it does in my book.

oh, and dawson wore a vest to the school dance in this morning's episode. a green button down shirt, and a big brown vest. and this was when he had the big floppy hair, too. i'll tell you, it was splendid to behold.

it almost made up for the fact that i nearly got hypothermia in the shower.

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Mike said...

Actually, I'd call this an upside of renting. See, if you owned the place, you'd have to pay for someone to come fix it, and wait around, and stress out. This way, it's certainly an annoyance, but at least you know it will be taken care of.
The ideal situation, I believe, is to live in the Plaza Hotel like Eloise. Then, if there's frost on the inside of your bathroom window, you simply change rooms.
Leave it to Dawson to spoil the surprise; I had bought you a green button down shirt and a big brown vest for Christmas, but I guess now I have to return them. Of course, that leaves the question, "Now what is GirlCat going to wear to the school dance?" We're all on the edge of our seats...