Tuesday, December 20, 2005

apparently, jets fans can't hold their liquor.

and that means they ruin all the fun for the rest of us. and by the rest of us, i mean the always-well-behaved pats fans.

i eagerly await Toast's response to this indignity.

my statement, for the record, is this: hahahahahahaha!


Toast said...

OK, let me first say that I, personally, could hold enough liquor for every fan in Giants Stadium.

That aside, this decision sucks. A sporting event just isn't the same without a beer buzz. Frankly, I think all new stadiums should be built with a "central tap" system that pipes beer directly to your seat. They could meter it and charge you on the way out.

kate.d. said...

man, karma is a bitch. i finally get something to rag you on, and then steinbrenner and his evil empire have to go and ruin everything!

damn him and his mock turtlenecks, damn him!