Sunday, November 27, 2005

one more thing to cross off of the list.

drink a mint julep at churchill downs.

yes, i do have a glove on my hand - even in kentucky, the day after thanksgiving can be pretty cold. luckily, this drink had plenty of bourbon in it, which helped keep me warm for a little while. i also picked two winners on the day, so that helped too. i walked out of churchill downs carrying just about as much money as i came in with (minus my trip to the churchill downs store), which is pretty good for a day at the track! hell, even if i lost every penny, it would have been worth it to be able to spend an afternoon at the horseracing mecca.

now that we're back from the thanksgiving holiday, it's time to put the christmas decorations up. we didn't have CatCat in the apartment last year, and we're not sure how she'll take to our little christmas tree. so, if you see a picture posted here of the tree knocked over/broken in half/chewed up/on fire, you'll know who's responsible.

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poppa said...

the acorn does not wander far from the oak..a passion for the ponies, the love of from the shallow end of the gene pool!
glad you had a great time at the Holy of Holies